My wife’s thoughts about Trails & Rails

Because I started a new job in May at a television station here in Milwaukee, I haven’t been able to take as many Trails & Rails trips during our 2013 season as I originally planned. I will still have four runs under my belt when everything is said and done… but that doesn’t even come close to rivaling my wife Kandace, who will have been able to do eight runs this summer. I asked her to write a blog post about her most recent trip and some of her reflections now there are only four weeks left in our season. She had this to share:

Well as I sit here after another Trails & Rails trip in the books… and the season is coming to an end… I have to admit when Robert first came to me with this idea I had my doubts but it was something we would be able to do together as a couple. After Robert got a new job and I have had several trips with other docents in the program since we began in May… I can honestly say I really enjoy the interaction with the passengers, conductors, on-board services crew, and fellow docents. I have formed bonds with some of them and have learned that each person is different in how they present their program. I think that we have the best group of volunteers out there. We have a great leader in Robert (and I’m not just saying that because he is my husband); he has worked very hard to get this program off the ground. It’s hard to sit here and think that it’s just about over. I wish Trails & Rails could go year-round…. it would be so much fun. I have learned so much about the history of our route and enjoy telling others about what they are seeing. We have a few more weeks left… so if you haven’t got to ride with us time is running out. Book your trip on Amtrak Southwest Chief today before the end of September. and Happy Trails and Rails to you….. Kandace Tabern

Kandace and I will be doing the final Trails & Rails trip of the season next month. It will take place on Train #3 between Chicago and La Plata, MO on September 24, 2013… and on Train #4 between La Plata and Chicago on September 25, 2013.

We are still in negotiations with the National Park Service, Amtrak, the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation, and the owners of the Depot Inn & Suites in La Plata concerning our renewal for 2014. You can show your support by contacting any of these parties and telling them how much you enjoy Trails & Rails.


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