New Rail Rangers Partner Offers Dome Car Rides: Chicago to Milwaukee, WI on July 16

Later this month, the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation’s Rail Rangers program will be celebrating its first anniversary. It was back on July 20, 2015 that APRHF President Bob Cox announced the creation of this new outreach arm of the organization that targets passengers on private railcar excursions and group rail charters. Since then, Rail Rangers’ nine hard working volunteers have presented numerous on board interpretive programs and attended several outreach events. Friends of the 261 and Zephyr Route became charter partners with Rail Rangers in 2015, while American Rail Excursions and the Friends of the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad joined the growing list of partners earlier this year.



Rail Rangers Interpretive Guide Fred Glure (left) interacts with a passenger on an excursion


APRHF Rail Rangers Executive Director Robert Tabern says, “We are really pleased with the response we have gotten from our partners. Honestly, when we started Rail Rangers up around this time last year, we didn’t know if we would even get one organizer of rail excursions to allow us aboard to present our interpretive programs. Now, we have four partners — and growing. Every partner who agreed us let us do a ‘test run’ on one of their excursions has asked us to come back and do more trips. I think that really speaks volumes about the fun, but educational programs that we present for passengers.  Rail Rangers expands the mission and goals of the APRHF beyond just the sites in La Plata. We have done trips through Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Missouri.”



Iowa Pacific President Ed Ellis (far left) with APRHF Rail Rangers Executive Director Robert Tabern and Chicago Coordinator Kandace Tabern on a private railcar excursion on June 25, 2016, at Galesburg, Illinois.


In conjunction with Rail Rangers’ first anniversary month, the APRHF’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce a fifth partnership for Rail Rangers. Going forward, docents will be part of select Paxrail excursions.  Paxrail is a small business based in Chicago that provides various historical railcars for charters and excursions; they own dome/lounge cars “Stampede Pass” and “Homestake Pass”.

Paxrail and the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation will be teaming up for a special day of excursions on SATURDAY, JULY 16, 2016 between Chicago Union Station, Illinois and Milwaukee Intermodal Station, Wisconsin to celebrate the first anniversary of Rail Rangers. There will be three round-trips offered on this day from Chicago as follows:

MORNING TRIP: The morning trip will depart Chicago Union Station at 8:25am and return at 12:29pm, with an approximate one hour layover time in Milwaukee. Docents with the APRHF Rail Rangers program will be aboard on the southbound portion of the morning trip only.

AFTERNOON TRIP: The afternoon trip will depart Chicago Union Station at 1:05pm and return at 4:29pm, with a quick turn in Milwaukee. Docents with the APRHF Rail Rangers program will be on both the northbound and southbound portions of the afternoon trip.

EVENING TRIP: And finally, the evening trip will depart Chicago Union Station at 5:08pm and return at 9:04pm, with an approximate 45 minute layover in Milwaukee. Docents with the APRHF Rail Rangers program will be aboard on the northbound portion of the evening trip only.

Passengers will get to enjoy a light meal during the trip, beverage service, and the first class accommodations that are part of a Paxrail journey. There are several seating options for the trips, including: $179.00 for a single table seat in the upper level of the dome car, $299.00 for a full table (4 seats) in the lower level lounge area of the dome car (no dome seating), $329.00 for a half table (2 seats) in the upper level of the dome car, and $599.00 for a full table (4 seats) in the upper level of the dome car.




Paxrail passengers on all three trips will also have the unique opportunity to purchase a 102-page route guidebook about the former Milwaukee Road railroad line between Chicago and Milwaukee entitled, “Outside the Rails: A Rail Route Guide from Chicago to Milwaukee, WI”. Authors of this book, Robert and Kandace Tabern, will be aboard the dome/lounge car to personally autograph the book and answer travelers’ questions. Passengers can use this rail guidebook to spot such interesting landmarks as the famed “Ferris Bueller” Water Tower, the remains of a 100+ year old carriage road on the old Armour Estate, and learn about historic cabbage making process along old Kraut Road in Racine County.

Kandace Tabern, who also serves as Chicago Coordinator of APRHF Rail Rangers says, “We are really excited to be partners with Paxrail for these trips. Many of the towns along the route were founded because of the railroad.  We look forward to bringing the many interesting stories along the railroad line to life for everyone. There may appear to be just corn and soybeans out the train window to the un-trained eye, but as we say – not really knowing what you’re seeing out your window is like watching the Travel Channel with the audio turned off. We are there to explain what everyone is seeing. We actually had several regular commuters between Chicago and Milwaukee buy this book and tell us that they learned things about the route they’ve never knew before!”

So, come out and celebrate with the APRHF Rail Rangers by riding between Chicago and Milwaukee roundtrip in a historic 1950’s dome/lounge car!!  You won’t regret it!



Join APRHF Rail Rangers on the “Stampede Pass” to celebrate our first anniversary!  Saturday, July 16, 2016!


Also, APRHF Rail Rangers still has tickets available for their September 9-11, 2016 trip from Chicago to La Plata, MO (roundtrip), October 1, 2016 trip from Chicago to La Plata, MO (one way), and October 7-9, 2016 trip from Chicago to St. Paul, MN (roundtrip).

For more information, please contract: Robert Tabern, APRHF Rail Rangers Executive Director, at

For more information about Paxrail, our new partner, check out their website at  You can also check out their Facebook page and on-line store for ticketing for the Chicago-Milwaukee trips.



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