Trails & Rails: Riding the Rails for a Month Already!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been a month now that Trails & Rails has been going on the Southwest Chief between Chicago and La Plata. Due to myself changing jobs, I have only done the first inaugural trip on May 18-19, 2013… but am enjoying running things from behind the scenes. My wife and I will get a little more “train action” in the coming week or two here. This coming Saturday and Sunday (June 22-23, 2013), Kandace will be teaming up with Alane Morgan and famous railroad author John Kelly to do a trip to La Plata. On June 25-26, 2013, I will be doing a special training run on the Southwest Chief to La Plata with a couple who was unable to a training session early in May. Then, the following weekend (June 29-30, 2013), my wife will be teaming up with volunteer Bruce Schrimpf from Milwaukee to do another run out there. Things have gone really smoothly so far this season… and I chalk that up to our great volunteers and our wonderful sponsors at APRHF, Amtrak, and the National Park Service. One other side project I have been working is on is putting together a Power Point presentation about Trails & Rails, which I am hoping to use soon… to our local libraries along the route… and maybe some railroad history groups… to promote the program and APRHF. I am attaching a video that I made that is going to be part of the presentation that shows the highlights from our 6 training runs done in April and May 2013. A few pictures thrown in there are from my time doing Trails & Rails on the Empire Builder too!! Again, I hope you come and join us in the 3 remaining months we are doing Trails & Rails. We are on Train #3 from Chicago to La Plata every Thursday and Saturday — and on Train #4 from La Plata to Chicago every Friday and Sunday.

Link to video:

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8 years ago

The Trails and Rails Project also made it on the KTVO news in Kirksville Missouri. Here is the link for that.

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