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The American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation (APRHF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve and promote the role that passenger rail played in the building of this nation. Your tax-deductible contribution as a member will bring us closer to our goal of constructing and maintaining the National Passenger Rail Center and support our ongoing work to preserve passenger train history.

This is a brief rundown of what we do now. The Silver Rails Event Center . This venue holds many weddings and community events each year. It will also be the starting point for our Passenger Rail Heritage Museum when our collection grows.  The Silver Rails Gallery Memorial Library . This gallery has many works of art and photography. It also has one  of a kind wood carvings and an operating model railroad. In the same building, behind the gallery exhibit, is a railroad reference library with many books about Amtrak and a host of out of print periodicals that cover all subjects including interurban and trolley. The Exhibition of Amtrak History.  This Exhibit is our take on preserving Amtraks rich heritage from the rainbow era to modern day operations. The Train watching cabin and deck.  This is fun place to just hang out, visit with friends or family and watch trains. You may want to have a birthday party or picnic at this unique spot.  We have a couple of programs that work outside the confines of La Plata, Missouri. One of them is the Lets Talk Trains Show .  This is a weekly internet radio show with a national scope and is aired each Saturday at 12:00pm CST. Our other outreach program is the APRHF Rail Rangers. This group provides custom route narrations and entertaining programs for passengers aboard chartered private rail cars.

The APRHF headquarters are in La Plata, Mo but we have a national reach. If you would like to start an APRHF chapter in your local area, please contact us. Below is a basic outline for any Chapter coming on board. We look forward to hearing from you.

Chapter Criteria:

Display: Have a display, portable or permanent, that covers Passenger Rail History in your area. This could be anything from a tri-fold all the way up to real passenger train equipment. If you are a model train operating club, a history of the passenger trains you may run on your layout would be a neat display also.

Chapter name: (The layout for this name should be as follows)
(ex.) Northeast Missouri Chapter of the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation.
The chapter first will give an identity to your group/club and will also keep the search engine confusion down if someone is looking for a certain chapter. If it were the other way around, there would be mass confusion if looking for a certain chapter on the internet. You will also have logos created for you to use on any publication or display you want. Stickers will also be available at a nominal cost.

Chapter dues: Each chapter will pay $100.00 per year to the APRHF national organization. These monies will go towards advertising, upgrading the newsletter layout (a goal of a printed and E-magazine), and future Annual grant awards to help chapters build or update an exhibit or display.

Member dues: Each member of a chapter will be a member of the National APRHF. When setting up your membership dues, please add $20.00 to the cost. This $20.00 is the special national level for chapter members.This will get all the members the official APRHF Newsletter “The Manifest”, which is released on a quarterly basis. As chapters come aboard it will feature news from each chapter. Each member will also get 10% off any stay at the Depot Inn & Suites in La Plata, MO and free entry to the annual Model Train Show.

You are entering an exciting time of growth within the APRHF organization. We thank you for your support and enthusiasm as we lay the roadbed for telling the story nationwide about passenger rail history and how important it is to preserve the services we have now for future generations.

Thank you,

Bob Cox, President APRHF.org
Email: president@aprhf.org

Rev.2 Effective Date Dec/2014


Bob who was the man that work Amtrak Station and his brother is a engineer for Santa Fe?


@DavidStevenson I thought I replied to this but it isn't showing up. Sorry about that. It is Bob Bailey