LaPlata RR Days was a Blast!!

Clifton 3rd annual??? We never thought it would get this big. What a great time was had by all 120+ folks that made their way from all over the USA to LaPlata RR Days. Wendy the HotDog lady was serving up some good food while everyone had a good time visiting and watching trains. Each year we try to do something new. This year a staircase was built on the hillside that was cleared when a new electrical line was ran last year. This made it way safer for everyone to get to the lookout point from the park area. Everyone really enjoyed that feature. The staircase is closed now due to the park not being open to the general public on a daily basis.

We were going over a couple of final details before the boys kept going. The two youngest ones were learning some building trades on this mighty warm day.
Finished product looks great. Now for some decorations.
That looks better. The trestle look is just what was needed. The big rocks from the Wabash abutment make good places to sit.
Got the gravel entry way done right before the opening day of the event. Drew Magers once again was there to help us with the heavy stuff.
Hey, those solar lights worked out OK.

We had a couple come in early this year to just relax and check out the area. They pulled their RV in on Tuesday afternoon. We had to mow them a spot with the little rider due to the zero turn having a bearing failure. Amy caught up on all the mowing when we got it back Wednesday. The park was now ready for guests that had two legs. LOL. Friday came and excitement was in the air. There was already some youngsters on the platform videoing trains while their parents visited and/or went to the city wide yard sales that was happening over the weekend. Amy and I welcomed guests and then the guests started welcoming guests.

Friday evening it was time to get ready for the concert. Stone House was playing. They rocked the house with some 60-80’s rock music. They did a good job and everyone enjoyed them. To learn more about the band check out their Facebook page.

Stone House rocking the party.
It was a beautiful night.

Saturday was the main day and everyone was out again taking in the action. The kids were once again the front line of the activity. One thing for sure a lot of friends were made between them. Today more of the chatters were coming in and the party was really going to get started. We had a lot of first time visitors and they were welcomed with open arms. The kids out railfanning also welcomed in a new railfan by showing him how to set his camera and a few other things. His mom brought him not having any idea what this weekend would bring. She was very happy to see the others help him out. She then got the idea of what this hobby is all about. Of course everyone visited with her too. The Gem ladies were all excited when they came to the station. They are celebrities in the warm months when they bring their little Gem car to the station to see Amtrak. They were quite happy to see familiar faces and meet the new people.

In the LaPlata chats we often joke about SPAM. This year we auctioned off a 2 pack of SPAM autographed by Curt Lundgren. He is a fixture in the chats and also a Conductor member. The auction to place on YouTube and $500.00 was raised for the APRHF. Curt Lundgren made this poster with the SPAM recipe and our Gem ladies. They are such good friends we all keep forgetting that they are not sisters.

Of course you can also make Spam Egg Bacon and Spam if you like.

Saturday evening came and it was time for “Fully Loaded” to take the stage. They are a favorite among the attendees. As the band set up the crowd did too. The first set was great. Everyone was enjoying it and then mother nature had other plans. She blew up a storm and soaked us all. Needless to say. The concert was over and everyone went to their separate ways.

Fully loaded is getting it on the first set.
Gus was helping mom sing and notice the ” Where is Bob?” shirts.
A views from above as things are being set up for the Fully Loaded concert.

It was truly a great time. We had so many neat photos taken by the guests that we a hashtag was set up. #laplatarailroaddays2021

One photo I took really sums up the whole event. This is Preston. He was on point the whole time and did not sleep much. He finally crashed during a lull. I think we have all done this at least once in our life.

Happy Napping!! We just let the next train wake him up.

A huge thank you to all that came. We were all happy to see you. Next years dates will be announced soon!! Come and see us sometime. 🙂

Overview of the park.
Overview of the park
KCS is in charge as this stack train heads west through LaPlata.

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David Siteman
David Siteman
2 years ago

Great write up! I had such a great time meeting new family! Looking forward my next wicks and to the next Railroad Days! Thank you so much for being such great people Bob and Amy!

Ruth and Jim
Ruth and Jim
2 years ago

We had a great time meeting old friends and making new friends, Thanks for hosting.

Carl Morrison
2 years ago

Love the drone shots. Good job Pilot.

Don Root
Don Root
2 years ago

Another outstanding event. Eagerly awaiting next year!

2 years ago

So happy I could be there a d be a part of this event! Bill and I had a great time!

Ronald Tobey
Ronald Tobey
2 years ago

Border was closed this year, but hoping to do Raildays 2022. Thanks Bob for the photos. Job well done.

Mitzi Bryant
Mitzi Bryant
2 years ago

Had an awesome time! Met a lot of wonderful people. Can’t wait for next year!

Toni Schumacher
Toni Schumacher
1 year ago

Had fun getting to meet people in chat
Curt Lundgen you stated they are not sisters, they are. My Aunt Theda drives the car and my mom is next to her. Also my mom, Val Grafton will only be 90 in December. Fun times!!

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