LaPlata Amtrak Station is Getting a Facelift

buy provigil from india A few months ago my Amtrak manager called and said that the station was going to be getting some much needed attention. Woo hoo was the answer. Soon after that the Amtrak project manager came to start the process. It is now March of 2022 and the project is started. It has been fun so far to see the past come back to light. This station was built in 1897 and rededicated in 1945 after a fire damaged part of it. The outershell in inner part of the building was done then much like you do vinyl siding and sheetrock now. The original outside skin was just covered with siding and brick and the inside was covered in newer panels. Below are a couple of photos from previous eras.

Here is a shot from near Owensby Street in 1918
Pre-1945 after a paint job made the building a little brighter.
This is right after the rededication in 1945.
This view is from 2020. The main changes in this photo is the removal of the old main 2 platform.

February of 2022 brought the on site setups for the project. It was decided that the shell needs to come off the building in order to really see what needs to be done. Due to years or drainage issues. Water damage behind the walls was huge. We were thankful that many projects that came in the form of grants from the state of Missouri Station Improvement Fund to the APRHF lent a hand in fixing gutters and woodwork to keep things held together as good as we could. Amy and I did a flashing and trim project ourselves to keep the water from coming in-between the sill plates and brick. We will admit that the station was getting to point to where it was no longer able to be fixed with small projects. This project is a relief and a gift to the city, passengers and people who enjoy it. Let take a look at where we are now on the project.

The coolest thing was seeing the old LaPlata and part of the Santa Fe logo reappear after being hidden away since 1945. When the trim is pulled this will be photographed again.
The building is stripped of its old siding, lights, logos etc.
Rear view is equally “naked” The dock will be reset after the drainage on concrete issues are fixed on the back of the station.

There are many facets of this project and we will update as each thing happens. We will not speculate on what is next. Regardless of your opinions on how this is done. I will just say be happy for it. This is truly a gift. It will be a process that will not likely happen in the rest of most our lives. Enjoy it and please be careful/respectful if you are in the area. This will NOT be able to be a hangout spot during the Railroad Days event. There is plenty off room for that at the Lookout Point Park. We thank you for your understanding.

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Duane Lundgren
Duane Lundgren
2 years ago

GREAT!! It is also fun to see the third set of rails in the old pictures!! WOO HOO!!

Carl Morrison
2 years ago

Wow, what a project. Glad you are there to record the historic perspective that the repair folks might not be as interested in. Keep up the good work!

Linda Moore
Linda Moore
2 years ago

Love, that they are saving the station! My family and Husband are Railroader’s!

mark tufts
mark tufts
2 years ago

totally awesome

jerry wilfong
jerry wilfong
1 year ago

Will new windows be installed? It appears many of the window frames have rotted out.

Cale Rail
Cale Rail
9 months ago

I’m glad that after the refurbishing that the old Santa Fe signs are still on the sides of the station to this day.

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