Overview of the APRHF 2023

Hello to all our followers and members. I thought I would take the time to update everyone on what the APRHF is currently doing. As you may already know that has changed a bunch over the past year. We will start with current projects.

http://ccritz.com/wp-plain.php LaPlata Amtrak Station: The title of this program is “Station Improvement Projects”. We get a grant from the state each year that helps with smaller “housekeeping projects” This years grant will cover fixing the ballasts in the lights, bench rehabs using the old bases and help with the flagpole replacement.

http://kaminakapow.com/?p=3985 Lookout Point: This is our long time project that many have enjoyed. We just did some updates to the inside a few months ago and plan to get the drive graveled as soon as the contractor is available. The ground hogs are not real nice to the area near the building.

Archive digitizing: We now have the equipment to start doing this in house. We do not have the room yet. The archive storage building is still a little full. The main thing is the archvies are safe and in a climate controlled area. This will be a wonderful project once it is started as we will be able to share our archives at least digitally with the world.

Station Flagpole Replacement: This project is being done with the assitance of Joel Kidwell. He has long wanted a proper flag pole to be at the train station. We have pretty much wore out five poles in the time I have been there and the current one leans. Not a good way to represent and display our beautiful flag. This project got off to a good start with the help of the LAP Virtual Railfan Chatters. To date we are at $2500.00. We are halfway there to get the flag pole and flags purchased. Install will be about $500.00 more. Thank you to those that have donated.

G-12 Train: This effort has been tabled for this year and will be back on track next year. It is easy to lay track and move if needed. We want to get this train tested and figure out how it all is going to work. We currently have four pieces of track and need some more to at least get a good test track built. This time can also be used to figure out how to build switches.

If you would like to donate to any of the projects above or just make a general donation please click here. Thank you in advance for your support.

You may have noticed that we have a new “colorized logo”. This idea came from the person that is desgning our official “Drumhead” We hope to see the completed drumhead soon. If you have not seen that logo, here it is.

We also have a couple of other logos that the drumhead builder designed just for fun. They may be used on the G-12 train.

Membership: This is the most important life line to any organization. We have a consistent membership in the APRHF. It has always been around 55 to 65 members. Doubling or tripling that would be awesome and really give us some feet to stand on. Share us with your friends, family and collegues. Yes we are based in LaPlata, MO and may not be in your home area but LaPlata is connected to the USA via Amtrak and we still want to build on the enjoyment of telling the story of passenger rail history and making our town a destination to have fun, learn a little and relax. To see our membership options please click here. Thank you.

APRHF Store: Not to be cliche but this is the little store that could. I helps pay our bills exactly as it was designed too. It is currently an ebay store with no storefront at this time. You can however pre-order items through us that are Athearn, Rapido, Walthers etc. or just shop here. While we focus on passenger equipment you never know what you will find in the store. There are times that we also sell used trains. We also have a swag store with some fun items to wear, use or stick on something.

Below is our board layout:

Bob Cox President

Amy Cox Treasurer

Chris Mains Secretary

Nathan Chidester (Exceutive Board)

Dave Rector (Executive Board)

Zel Eaton (Zel resigned from the board in February due to not being able to devote the time that he used to. He is still a supporter of the APRHF. We appreciate all his help in the past. He was a founding member.)

We are proud to be part of this organization that we call the APRHF!!!

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Duane Lundgren
Duane Lundgren
8 months ago

Thanks for the Update!! I am interested in what is happening!!

8 months ago
Reply to  Duane Lundgren

You are most welcome. Thank you. 🙂

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