Rail Lookout Point: All Season Train Watching Excitement!!

The rail lookout point was built in 2007 on the Ex-Wabash right away as an open platform train watching deck. Since the Wabash crossed the Ex-Santa Fe (now BNSF) transcon via a bridge this made a perfect vantage point for watching the action below.

Lookout Version #1
This is the first version of the Lookout.

about a year later in 2008 it was decided to enclose the deck so it could be enjoyed by visitors all year round. After the deck was enclosed a heater was added. A few modern day goodies were also added like wi-fi, ATCS train monitoring system http://www.atcsmon.com , railcams http://www.railcams.net/ and a live camera connected to each room and the lobby of the Depot Inn and Suites http://www.depotinnandsuites.com . This made train watching available even when the weather made the lookout in-accessible. It soon took on the nickname of the “Trainwatching Cabin” courtesy of the many visitors that came to watch trains from this location.

Lookout Version #2
This is version two of the Lookout

The cabin lasted for quite a while in version two until there was time and funds to build a deck.
The addition of the deck along with all the other cool things the lookout already had made this the best of both worlds. The deck also got you a little closer to the tracks too. You can now see the trains round the curve to the west of your view just past the La Plata Amtrak Station.

When the lookout cabin was originally built it was dedicated in honor of the Millionth Passenger Rail Mile Of Chris Guenzler. There are many stories about these celebrations and events that took place from the writers of Trainweb.com.

Lookout Version #3
What a view for anyone at the Lookout Cabin. The deck is a welcome addition.

Lookout V3 Winter

Its cold outside but warm and cozy inside.

We look forward to having you visit!!!!



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Update on the lookout point. We are in process of getting quotes for new siding and windows. When the money is available. We will be asking for volunteers to help us replace those items. The old siding will be preserved because fo the signatures but it is deteriorating in its present state. If you would like to donate to help this project move faster please click our doante button and just write in the comment what the donation is for. Thank You in adavance for your support.