When we are not writing. It is becuase we are working. UPDATE!!

Sorry it has been a little quiet on this page lately. It is not because we are doing nothing. Actually we are very busy. We have had a few large tours of the Silver Rails Gallery. We have been working on some landscaping projects at the Silver Rails Event Center. We have been working on the new showcase in the Exhibition of Amtrak History and have been getting ready to put the new windows in the lookout point. Since I started this draft a few weeks ago. I will post updates for each project we are working on.

Landscaping at the Event Center, Sadly someone tore up more of our parking lot by driving through the barriers. So all landscaping has been put on hold until next spring. We have decided to turn our attention towards the inside of the Event Center. The bar is finally going to get a facelift. No more bubbled finish bar top or ugly silver wall. Also tables and chairs will be stored inside in a new are that is to be built. This will give us the opportunity to provide the clients with better service.

Silver Rails Gallery, The gallery is being moved over to the Event Center. The building the gallery is in is attached to one that is having structural failure. So we think it is a good time to move. The Event Center will be divided about 70/30. The new area will be bigger than the old gallery. We are excited about this move. The gallery will open next spring 2014.

Lookout Point, The new side windows will be put in next week. Those of you that visit will be able to open and close the windows yourself according to the weather etc. The heater is working fine. The rest of the projects planned for the lookout will have to wait for spring. We fell way short of our donation goals.

Exhibition of Amtrak History, It has lots of new items on display, a new Trails and Rails Showcase and a new train on the Lionel Layout. This train was paid for with the donation collected at the boxes in these cars. The new train could not have showed up at a better time. One of the older ones died about a day before it arrived. Here is a video of the new train

Amtrak Station, Things are going well here. We have received our grant monies for Station Improvements and will be working on windows and trim. We hope to be getting this project in before winter hits. If not this wil be a spring time project too.

Be sure and keep tabs on our Lets Talk Trains Show. This show is on the internet every Saturday from 12:00pm cst to 2:00pm cst. It is a fun place to talk about trains. For more info please visit their website.

As you can see it is never a dull moment here in La Plata. Thankfuly there is a couple of builders that do good work and help us with the big projects. Beyond that it is all int he hands of the volunteers. The APRHF would like to thank all of you for your continued support.

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