All Aboard to See Santa 2013

The Amtrak Station in LaPlata, Missouri was buzzing with excitement as kids young and old drank Hot Chocolate, ate cookies and watched the models trains run. They also enjoyed the trains rushing by. One of those trains don’t rush by though. It is the Amtrak Southwest Chief. It stops at the station daily and number 3 on December 17th has some special guests aboard. WOOO WOOO WOOOOOO WOOO. That distinct Amtrak horn was heard in the distance. Is that the train? YES it is. Is Santa on the train? YES he is. The train pulled up and the regular passengers got off the train as over 200 people watched in anticipation. Here comes the elves!!!!  “Oh boy he is coming” one kid hollered. Then a man of red and white with a beard steps to the door. HO HO HO Merry Christmas!!! He says. The placed erupted in clapping and cheers. I am sure the folks on the train were wondering what was going on. Santa, Mrs. Claus and the elves made their way inside the station. Santa took a seat and the kids just couldn’t wait to visit with him. Mrs. Claus gave out stickers and whistles while the elves helped with coloring sheets and information about the APRHF and the Trails and Rails Program. We had an awesome time and maybe if we are good Santa will come back next year……..until then Merry Christmas fromthe APRHF. This was the first time that Santa has visited La Plata by Amtrak.

Santa and a happy boy ham it up for the camera
Santa 1

We think she is ready to get down. What a cutie.
Santa 2

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