Hey Dennis can you hand me the pliers????

Many folks do a lot of different things for New Years Eve. We had fun in the evening but APRHF member Dennis Warrick came to La Plata to bring in the New Year. He also asked if there was anything he could help me do. HMMMMMM…  Yes there is. Lets work on the wiring for the preliminary lighting in the Gallery end of the Event Center.  We met up at the event center about 10:30am and after some figuring out how things were done. We started cutting and pulling wires. After many trips up and down the ladders we got the new switch installed and the wires ran. We also reinstalled the thermostat for the heater on that end of the building.

Dennis standing by his handywork.

Many thanks to Dennis for helping me out. It was a fun day.

BTW we also enjoyed a good meal after this work and had a fun New Years Eve. 2014 will be a fun year for the APRHF.

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