National Train Day 2014. A Good Day for all Ages.

It was the third year for the National Train Day event at the LaPlata.
Station setup
Lobby all ready for the big day.
We had a good crowd (about 60) and a large group of riders (25). The train was a little late but there was plenty to entertain them.

There was the APRHF display and a Operation Lifesaver display. The APRHF Display was on the luggage cart in the first photo.
This was the Operation Lifesaver Display
We also had some fresh baked Amish Donuts and a local family brought their hot dog cart down for lunch.
hot dogs
Hot Dogs anyone???
The NEMO model railroad club had their layout open and the trains were running great.
Nemo MRA
A UP Turbine is handling a cattle car train as it makes its way across the upper deck. A very nice looking model owned by a NEMO MRA Member.
Freight traffic was also quite frequent to provide for a good distraction when needed.
Rob Meyer was also on hand with his ATCS display showing the people how to read it and where the trains where. He had quite a crowd also. Everyone really enjoyed following the line on the screen until the trains went by. If you happen to be in the model train room when a train went by. They had a camera set-up with a TV so you didn’t miss a thing. I Bob Cox would like to thank everyone who came to the event and helped make the day successful.
There was also a Chuggington fun area with a DVD playing. Some kids and Grandpa were enjoying the shows later in the morning.


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7 years ago

Nice report and photos so we who are 2,000 miles away can still see National train day went in La Plata.  Thanks Bob and Amy for planning and operating this event.  I will see the NEMO layout for the first time later this month.  Carl Morrison

Bob Cox
7 years ago

Thank You Carl. I am glad to be able to do this.

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