Cool APRHF Stuff Now Available

Latuda 40 mg for dogs side effects Have you ever looked at your Christmas tree and said, “Something is Missing?”  We know you have and you are not alone. So have we.  Here is the solution to that problem that all of us have had. The American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation Christmas Tree ornament.


This glass ornament will look great on any tree and make everyone say, “Wow I need one of those”

Now that you are excited about this. Please click on this link and get one for your very own.

But wait there is more. Is the end of your HO passenger train boring? Your office shelf empty of a cool display piece. We have that issue fixed also. The American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation HO scale coach car. It will fit any era of your passenger trains. Just load it up and couple it to the end of your train so select guests can have the best seat in the house. In the coming months there will also be a Lets Talk Trains car and a Rail Rangers car. So be sure and get this one so you can have the three car set. As of right now there are only ten available of this APRHF car. Check out this beauty below.
pass car

Isn’t it pretty? You can get this car by clinking right here!

That is all we have for now. Polo shirts are being designed as I write.

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