Merry Christmas from the APRHF!!

I am humbled at this time of the year as I write this. The APRHF has literally been blessed this year with a lot of positive progress on the “Lookout Point Park Project” The donations and fundraising efforts have been wonderful. Our membership is also staying stable. This is what its all about. I will admit we started the year on a solemn note, but, quickly went into high gear with our Annual board meeting in April. The board was reset and a long time member moved up to secretary. We of course continued cleanup and maintenance of the “Lookout Point Park” property kept us busy all summer. When fall came around. We got to get rolling on the gravel foundation for the new location of the “Exhibition of Amtrak History” It will sit over the winter and then be rechecked for being level before our Christmas present get utilized. Our present came in the form of a donation of 250 ties from a local contractor group. This is exciting as that was the missing link to get this project in high gear. The rail is already available and ready for moving over to the LPP property from the building.

220 feet long foundation. This leaves room for an extra car if a donation comes along.
Merry Christmas!! 250 beautiful presents right there.

With any project. Relying strictly on donations does not always allow for fast progress. The APRHF bought some model trains from an estate sale and had their own fundraiser via Ebay. We cleared $4000.00 on that fundraiser. It was a good time and a great help to the project. This puts ourselves on target to move the cars next year. How exciting is that?

From the APRHF HQ to all your homes and place of business. We truly wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank You all.

Sincerely, Bob Cox (President), Amy Cox (Treasurer), Chris Mains(Secretary), Nathan Chidester, Dave Rector, Zel Eaton (Executive Board)

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Joseph Damery
Joseph Damery
4 years ago

Enjoying frequent Views of Trains using neat-camera-moves upon train arrivals at the Station… Best wishes from just East of ” Walden Pond “…. Bedford Joe…..

4 years ago

Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

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