APRHF Year in Review

http://alittlebitdifferent.com/out-with-the-old-in-with-some-more/ 2020 was a challenge for all of us. Thankfully things went on as planned for the most part within the APRHF organization. This review will cover each major project and also give some updates on from a recent trip to see the G-12 train.

Lewistown Station: We have accepted this donation and are waiting for the final sign offs as far as time we have to move it etc. The movers have a plan to get it here when the time is right. Nothing moves fast. The final details will hopefully be organized in the next couple of months.

Exhibition of Amtrak History: Things are exciting here. The original showcases are being sold off and the cars are ready to be moved. Part of the moving stuff is on site. The rest of the parts are getting readied. It looks like the move will happen in early spring. This will allow us to get rolling right away on retaining walls and final details at the track area. The track under the cars will be removed and stored for later use at the park.

Lookout Point: It got the interior repainted over around Thanksgiving and chain link fence put in place at the new clearings to keep anyone from going down the hills. More than likely the road will get smoothed out in the spring also.

G-12 Train: This train is coming together well. The engine is rebuilt and the train itself is getting its new sheet metal in place. We also found a person that knows how to do the track. I will be contacting him soon. Here are the latest photos of this train.

Very fun project for sure. This year should really see the pieces coming together on our projects. As soon as the cars are moved and placed. The campground will also get started on. We are truly thankful for all that have donated money and labor to this cause. If you would like to donate or have any questions about any of our projects. Please email info@aprhg.org or donate here.

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