Lewistown Station Updates

There was some nice weather in December so we went over with the contractor to tarp up the building and clean it out for the winter and prep to take apart and move to LaPlata, MO. The building itself will sit at the end of the ex Amtrak MHC cars display. We have decided to put the building on a slab foundation and set it up to where it can be easily moved if ever needed. That will make the preservation of this building along with all the other Lookout Point Park items useful for many generations to come.

The windows and holes in the roof are now covered.
All sealed up and locked with our locks.
We cleaned out the front room. This room will the main entry of the building. The ticket window will be used for all transactions. The walk through door will go to the APRHF main office.
This view caught my eye right before the window was covered.

We do have a private donor that is on board to get the building move and reset going but will still need some help to finish the project. This link (Donate Here) will take you to the place to donate to the Lookout Park Building Fund. It is the second item on the dropdown. Thank you in advance for your support. The project will get more attention once the Amtrak car moves are completed in the next month or so.

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Duane Lundgren
Duane Lundgren
1 year ago

Way to GO!!!!!!!

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