Trail and Rails Audit Run to GBB August 2013

From LAP to GBB
Whew! The lounge car is loaded to the hilt as we are about to make the train wide announcement. We are all standing as the presentations are made. This train has a lot of scouts coming back from Philmont Scout Ranch. The scout advisor is talking about the hiking they did. Mostly carried a 50lb backpack. The trail is 87.5 miles with. The boys were trained in firearms shooting, rock climbing, rappelling and much more. This is all while they hike each day on the trail. The trail has elevation changes as much 1000 feet each day. The scout advisor gave us a good presentation on what they do. What a neat way to start off the presentation .

Mr. Demink is now talking about the rough land of Missouri and the why it is built that way. A lady just stopped by and asked where exactly they were. A quick consult of the guide book with her and she was all up to speed.
Mr. Wright is presenting a part about the worlds tallest lady that lived in Gorin. She had a custom built house for her due to this height she has grown.
A BNSF railway engineer just stopped by and told us the official name of the railroad is BNSF Railway not the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway. I said that sounds great but it will be hard for me and many friends to adjust to calling it that. However it is a good way to keep the BN and the ATSF guys from fighting amongst themselves. LOL
Other than the train load of boy scouts there is a group of 161 ladies that are touring the US by rail. They are enjoying the presentation and asking lots of questions. They have now taken over most of the lounge car and we have been asked to turn up the sound. We gladly obliged them.
Mr. Demink is now giving some facts about the De Moines River and the amount of time we spend in the State of Iowa. The mighty Mississippi is coming up. Ft. Madison is the next stop.
We are going through a slow order right now so things are moving at a much more relaxed pace.
Back up to track speed Nauvoo has come and gone and also the windmill blade plant.
Our Ft. Madison stop is surrounded by lots of trains. I figure they will follow us across the river. Ft. Madison is a very busy place today.
One thing for sure the presentations are always different with each group. Mr. Wright is now giving the history of the River Bridge over the Mississippi.
Welcome to Illinois!!
The narration kept on with the guides fielding many questions from the passengers. Sadly our trip was quickly coming to an end so Amy and I gathered our gear, waved goodbye to the passengers and made our way to the proper car for leaving the train in Galesburg.

Cover Photo: This is Mr. Demink interviewing the Scout Leader about their adventures over the past week.
Interview with Scout Leader

Both guides taking a moment to review their notes and set the GPS for the trip east towards Chicago.
Set up time

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