Lookout Point Remodel Update!!!

http://parkfarmshoot.co.uk/compact-sporting/ It sure was hot in the month of July but that didn’t stop us. Dennis Warrick, Rob Meyer, Myself (Bob Cox), Amy Cox, Karri Cox and her friend Dusty all helped with this project on one day or the other. We all had a good time. The projects that were completed are the installation of new outside siding, trim, door, window, soffat, interior walls and insulation. The electrical has been updated along with the lighting.

http://patayershomes.com/wp-config fix Rob Meyer
Rob Meyer is installing trim on the west window.

Numazu bob cox
Here I am not having fun framing up the door. LOL

Dennis Warrick Dennis Warrick is putting up the insulation after installing the new window.

Dennis was the lead on this project due to the fact he had more building experience than the rest of us. We were thankful for his help putting things together. There are still opportunities to help us with this project. The upcoming projects are to level the deck and build better footers for it. The whole building needs to be watersealed also. There is no real schedule for these other projects but if you are available to help. Let us know at president@aprhf.org. We can set up a time with you.

front stripped
Dennis got up earlier than we did and our good morning was this view.

front siding
A few hours later things looked much better.

interior view
Here is an interior view. Trim will be put up later.

first view
The first freight to pass after the lookout project weekend was done. Sure looks pretty again.

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