Anytime Is Camping Time. Lookout Point Park Host’s Its First Camping Customers.

There has been lot’s of planning going into the APRHF Lookout Point Park project. So much of that planning was going on. We almost forgot that we can open the park for campers that do not need full hookups. A father and son team from Topeka, Kansas were the first to try it out. They did it the right way. Amtrak to LaPlata and back. After their arrival, Amy (APRHF treasurer and station caretaker) gave them a quick tour of the town and dropped them off at the campground. It was time to set up camp for the weekends adventures.

Tent and Chairs are set. Camp stove also ready to go. The American flag also has its rightful spot at the campsite. Salute!!
This large oak tree is the only tree on the property that is not in the tree line. A year ago this tree had limbs all the way to the ground. A good trimming and this beautiful tree is now happy to provide a wonderful shade to any camper.

Our campers spent the weekend days watching trains, hiking and fishing at Santa Fe lake, shopping and enjoying food from the Santa Fe Cafe, D’Abolengos and the camp stove. The nights were spent enjoying the great weather, stargazing and getting a little sleep. Yes you can sleep with trains rolling by. 🙂 T-shirts were even made for their first adventure together.

Pretty cool shirts!!

We are thankful for the first camping duo. They are excited to come back again. We welcome anyone else to come and enjoy this unique area as it grows in popularity. To keep up with the project. Please check out this website you are on and this website The second site is also the place to set up your reservations for your adventure or group camping event. If you have any questions feel free to email or call 660-956-4157.

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Dick Williams

It’s an indirect hike from the station to the campground via city streets, right. How far approximately? Half a mile? mile? Can’t use RR right of way of course.

Bob Cox

Yes, Half mile would be about right. True point on not using the RR right of way.

Bob Herrell

I am sure they had a great time. I watched them arrive and depart live.

Bob Cox

Yes they had a fun time. The only drawback was no fish were caught. To many lily pads in the lake.

T Camp

We have a 40 foot motor home. When you get electrical and sewer, let us know. Can we use station water to top off our tank?
We do a lot of camping at Louisville, NE. There is a huge amount of rail traffic there.

Bob Cox

We will have water and electrical first. For sure on letting you know.