What is NARM?? North American Reciprocal Museum

The APRHF has a membership with the North American Reciprocal Museum organization. What does that mean to you? It means that your engineer or above membership with our organization will get you discounted or free accesss to over 650 arts/cultural institutions throughout North America. These are not all train museums they cover the entire spectrum of exhibits. The APRHF added this feature early on because we all know that not every member will be able to visit LaPlata and really enjoy all the benefits of their memberships. The NARM membership allows you to enjoy all these other museums while you are out traveling. If you got to a good number of the other museums you will most likely save more than you paid for membership with us. This is one of the many opportunities that a membership with the APRHF that is there for you.

Here is an illustration of member museums.


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