Here is a view of the APRHF’s “Model Ambassador”

Motion is the attractor of many folks and nothing attracts people more than a model railroad with trains running. Kids and adults equally love it. It also provides for conversation and the exchange of information about the APRHF and some good “hobby talk” This layout is getting new to us rolling stock and buildings. The latest train for it is an Amtrak F40 and Amfleet cars. A new Santa Fe engine is also coming. These items and the buildings when built will stay with the railroad instead of using members trains and buildings. Below you will see a pictorial of our “Model Ambassador” while at a train show in Marceline in May of this year.

model 1
Here is the layout as transported. This layout was built on closet doors.

model 2
Each corner is pinned together with a door hinge pin.

Model 3
All set up on the tables. Now to “decorate it”.

model 4
We use totes to carry the buildings.

model 5
Karri (Preident Bobs and VP Amy’s daughter)is helping decorate the layout.

model 6
model 7
Amy is inservicing a new building and fixing the ballast to match it.

model 8
Time to get out the trains!!

model 9
The first train is out of the yard and servicing online business.

model 10
The city scene is all together now.

model 11
The ballast is all done at the new grain elevator.

model 12
Out in the country you see a Church, store and a house with some campers at the lake.

model 13
A little “aerial” railfanning.

model 14
Mo-Pac F units are switching in the yard.

model 15
Busy moment at the junction.

model 16
All to soon the day was over and it was time to go home.

model 17
model 18

Its a tight fit in the minivan but it works. There is still room for three. This railraod is a lot of fun to operate. If you see us at a show please come by and say hi. Also be sure to enjoy alll the model railraods you see at the shows. Many hours and dollars go into these things.

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