What does the APRHF do??

Over the past few years any of us affiliated with this organization have been asked thes question in the title.  Most of us follow with a well, then a pause, it is not because we do not know it is because we do not know where to start. If you explain it the wrong way some folks will glass over about two minutes into the description. If you simplify to much some folks will feel it is not in their interest area or we do not do enough. All of us will admit it is hard to keep on task to make sure those on the outside looking in get the full idea of what we do is easy to find. The website aprhf.org is a good site and it keeps us that are involved updated with major projects, fundraisers, etc.


So without any more explanation this website aprhf.com will give a good snapshot of what the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation does. We do have a lot in our headquarter town (LaPlata, MO) but, we are a national organization. We are currently piloting a program that will allow chapters. Please contact us for more info on that.


We hope you like the site and want to be a part of this small but growing organization.

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