Updates on the APRHF Silver Rails Event Center

It has been a busy year here this year. Which is good and bad because you can’t get in to do any projects. Well the past weekend was not booked so it was time to get the bar redone and decorate the new divider wall. The event center hosts many types of events and our organizations annual model train show which is coming up on October 18th of this year. To find out more information about the event center click here. For more information about the model train show click here.

The following slide show and captions will get you up to speed on the latest upgrades that we have done to the building.
bar tops 1
The new bar tops with their first coat of stain.

bar tops 2
A quick test fit after the dividers were put in.

bar tops 3
I think that will work. The area beyond the upright board will be a showcase of the drink that are sold in the bar. This window was shortened about 4 feet.

bar tops 4 All done!! You can see the area that will be the showcase on the left side of the photo. The divider on the right is a chalkboard. Both windows were shortened to make the bar more organized. Only two customers per window instead of 6 and 10. These dividers are also sound barriers.

You may have read before about the Silver Rails Gallery being moved over to the event center property. This move created the need to divide the building 70/30. This divider was was quite and expanse and crated a lot of blank space. Many ideas were thought up, some mocked up but all were ultimately not used. Nick Smith, Amy and I were discussing ideas one day and Nick mentioned chalkboards on the walls. We all agreed that his idea was a good one. Then Amy came up with the motivational decorations. While stil railroad themed this really brought an new level of comfy to the building. The divider wall is seperated in four section. Section 1 is the booth space, section 2 is the A/V center, section three is the photo or selfie booth, section 4 is basically the door to the storage room. Section one and four got the treatments you will see in the following photos.

chalk board 1
All painted and ready to get frames made.

 chalk board 3
Section one is all done.

chalk board 4
Section four is all done.

We have also reparied some damage that was done in the parking lot. The two poles and chains by the main street were taken out by someone. :/ The poles are now in a bigger concrete foundation. The chain is also bigger. We moved the event sign closer to the building and put a luggage cart near the street to complement the railroad themed look. These outside projects were done about a month ago.

outside 1
New pole foundation and new chains.

outside 2
Here is the cart with the big garden behind it. The tall thing is a switch throw. The morning glories love it.

outside 3
One more view of the garden and decorations of the main parking lot.

This concludes your tour. LOL

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