Working on the Amtrak Station

This year is flying by and we are already seeing the fall colors. Wow.  This year the Amtrak Station got work done all over.  The MORPAC group helps us get a station improvement fund each year via MoDot. This has allowed us to fix the windows on the front of the building. Some were loose and leaking. We also got a new coat of paint. If any of you have been to this station you will understand why the paint is always coming off and  the windows were loose. This building gets shook hard and sandbalsted daily by the many trains that fly by.

station 1
The office area of the station looks great with is new paint.

station 2
The lobby windows on the front and side got the same paint and seal treatment.

We usually get our station improvement funds in the Spring but this year we went ahead and submitted a project to get them this fall. We found many issues with the northside of the station. Many boards are rotten due to the incredible amount of moisture this year. The paint has also literally fell off the station on this side due to this moisture problem. We are also going to investigate to be sure there is no water standing under the building.

Beyond those projects. Amtrak paid for new gravel to be spread in the parking lot. This got rid of about 20 holes and a few muddy parking spots.
station 3
Parking lot looks good again!!

We also wroked on the back platform. It was crumbling and a safety issue. The gap between the concrete and the station was also filled in. This will keep the areas safe to use.

This station sees at least 10,000 passengers a year and is quite the hub of activity throughout the year. I know I love it and speak for others as well. It is a fun place to visit and hang out.

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6 years ago

I agree, the Amtrak Station in La Plata, Missouri, is truly a Community Center and twice a day, every day, there is a collection of folks, the diversity of which you will not find in any one church, restaurant, or other meeting place.  All walks of life are represented and all have been brought together for one reason – passenger train travel.

Bob Cox
6 years ago

Carl you are 100% correct. We have seen no less than 13 nationalities under our roof. They all existed in peace and shared he same excitement of riding the train.

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