Galesburg Railroad Days a Fun Time with the Exhibit Train

Sometimes it takes a while to answer emails and sometimes it is done in record fashion. The email requesting us to work the Exhibit train in Galesburg, ILL was answered in that record fashion. YES we will!!! Myself(Bob), my wife Amy and daughter Karri along with our friend and fellow APRHF member from Iowa, Dennis Warrick all headed out on June 26th to enjoy a weekend in Galesburg. Amy Lambert, The Amtrak ticket agent from Ft. Madison joined us on Sunday the 28th to work too. We always enjoy her company. Saturday morning came and we got our official T-shirts and went to work. We were happy to see some Steve Ostrowski, Brian Gallagher, Derrick James and others doing some PR work and having fun visiting with the guests.We also enjoyed seeing old friends that came to the area for the Railroad Days Event. I found some free time Saturday afternoon to get a photo of us working our posts.

Vice President Amy was the greeter most of the time.

Here is Dennis. He was working the exit door and had a good spot to watch a few trains as the afternoons went by.  There was a GEVO on display behind him.

I caught my daughter Karri making her way through the train. She found it fun to talk to the kids about the signals on display. She would even show them how they worked.

A rare photo of me. President Bob. I usually have the camera. My daughter took this one for me. I spent most of my time Saturday in the train sharing info on sleeper accomodations.

The exhibit train hosted over 2000 people during the weekend. It did rain a little on Sunday but all in all it was a fun time. Is the Amtrak Exhibit Train coming to your area? If so you should take time to see it. It is a worthwhile thing to do.

Here are some more photos from the day.

Nothing like a little vestibuling while it is raining. Here we see Amtrak #4 coming into Galesburg from the dutch door of the ex Union Pacific Sleeper (Pacific Bend) used as a crew dorm car on the Exhibit Train.

The motive power for the Exhibit Train. The lead unit is the veterans engine. It was parked in a safe area to where people could go up and have their photos taken beside it. The second unit was also available for photos but most people didn’t pay to much attention to this historical piece of Equipment. The 406 was the type of engine that powered Amtrak for many years starting in the 80’s.  It was a treat to see both of them.

So how often in this day and age do you get to take a photo from and Ex Santa Fe baggage car of a 40 foot CB&Q boxcar? I am so glad I turned my head and saw that opportunity.

After the event we stayed while the Exhibit Train was wyed and thought this photo was a fitting end to the day.

We would all like to thank Amtrak for allowing us to work with them at this neat event. We also thank all the verterans for serving their country. SALUTE!!

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