The Silver Rails Event Center “A Fine Place To Celebrate” The APRHF does have a not so little secret in LaPlata that is enjoyed by many. It is the Silver Rails Event Center. This venue is operated by our Vice President Amy Cox. She handles all the client activity  and meetings. I help out but only with setup and keeping things in good repair.  This venue is a head turner. The inside is cozy and inviting. Minimal decorations are all that is needed to really bring out the character.  The Event Center offers full bar and a prep kitchen. There is a stage large enough for a band or DJ. Behind the stage is a neat train painting that is “crashing” through the bricks.  The overall look and feel is much better now that event area has been made smaller. One client said the building finally looks like it is in the proper proportion. Others to enjoy the layout and the inspirational quotes and chalkboards on the new wall. I will admit I do not normally  stop by the place before an event starts. This time Amy said come and see these decorations. This is the first couple to thoroughly embrace the new layout of the building. I was impressed enough to grab some snaps and share it with everyone.  Enjoy!!!

Pietermaritzburg 20150918_211139

buy modafinil in spain This is the media area (notice screen and speaker mounts). It also serves as a great focal point for a head table. In this case a dessert and cake area worked well.  The old doors are a neat touch.


Big kids stay out. This is the booth cove. It is a cozy fun spot. In this case the kids are going to having fun in their own place.


This area just kind of happened when the build took place. Since Amy and I are both photographers. We quickly identified a photo booth. This is the first time anyone has taken heed to the idea and ran with it. It worked perfectly.


A closer look at the photo booth. Grab a prop from the box and pose on the couch. What Fun!!


The head table was on the stage. This couple elected for the optional cover that goes over the mural. The doors again add a neat touch.


An overall view with the cake table being highlighted.

This photo essay just shows you one of the many possibilities of what can be done here.  All you need is an open mind. 🙂 If you are interested in using the event center please click here for more info.  “For all of  Life’s Celebrations”

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