APRHFstore.com is Doing Well and More Fun Updates!!

http://inkimages.net/product/milliners-guild-gildan-ultra-cotton-t-shirt/ Just a quick update about the latest venture of the APRHF. It is the APRHFstore.com and it a replacement of the old Silver Rails Shop.com.  Things are going well and sales are good.  The store inventory is mostly passenger train related but we can get other model train items if  they are available. We have many pre-orders coming in over the next year. Please stay tuned to our APRHFstore.com/SilverRailsGallery Facebook page for updates and announcements. The grand opening for this store will be on Labor day weekend in conjunction with the Soybean festival here in LaPlata on 9/2/2017.

where can i buy Lyrica tablets We need some help from anyone that can on Saturday August 12th to help move everything gallery and APRHF related out of the Event Center. The building is under contract and we need to have it cleared ahead of schedule. Please contact me at president@aprhf.org if you can help out. Dinner is on us. Many thanks in advance.

http://fishingthefraser.com/about-fishing-the-fraser/dsc_0848-3/ Virtual Railfan cams are a success. As you may have noticed we started having major issues with our old cams. A friend of mine got Virtual Railfan in contact with us and the rest you see is history.  Sadly you get to watch people trespass when there is no one at the Amtrak Station to babysit them. For the most part though you get to see the awesome action on the BNSF transcon through LaPlata, Mo. What do you mean you have not watched it yet?  Click here right now.

Your president has switched jobs again and is back in LaPlata instead of traveling all the time. I am now manager and part owner of Trainparty.com. Things are also going well over there. Lots of updates going on. There will be a grand re-opening for that store at the same time we do the APRHF store.com grand opening. We have cool stuff for kids of all ages.

Lets Talk Trains is gearing up to get rolling again with its podcasts in October of this year. We know there are a lot of you that enjoyed the show. We for sure had no plan to stop doing it for a while. But, things were out of control and needed to be re-thought and reset. Stay tuned to Lets Talk Trains.com and the Lets Talk Trains on Facebook for more information or opportunities about how you could be part of the show.

There is also lots of activity with the APRHF Rail Rangers. Some of their updates are on this page so check them out. Our annual train show information is also posted on this page.  Take a moment from the heat and get caught up on what is happening.

That is all for now. Stay safe out there.


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