LaPlata Train Watching Post Event Update and T-Shirt Ordering Information Wow!! What a weekend. Things are back to normal now but not without good memories.  Below is an article submitted to our local newspaper.  The Macon Home Press.

“I hear a horn!” “Here comes another one!” “Man that was flying!” These are only just a few
comments heard throughout the weekend of October 19th through the 21st in LaPlata, MO.
What was going on, you ask? The American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation and Virtual
Railfan had the first ever Railroad Days in LaPlata, Missouri. This event was thought of by the
regular LaPlata Virtual Railfan cam watchers. When Amy and I were approached with the idea
early this summer, we said sure and started planning right away.
We began working really hard to get the Lookout Point Park expansion area ready to go but
mother nature had other ideas and gave us some much needed rain that rendered that property
useless for an event like this, since it was going to be outdoors. So the event was moved to property on Benton Street. We had about 70 attendees from
all over the country, from states such as California, Michigan, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa,
Tennessee, Kentucky, and Illinois. These individuals that experienced the trains rolling by the
cam and the hospitality in the chat room have fallen in love with the area. They wanted to
experience it first hand so they arrived by car, train, and plane to our little town. Our first time
visitors saw a lot of trains rolled through for everyone’s enjoyment, meeting new friends, seeing
our beautiful LaPlata Amtrak station, and enjoy the Lookout Point. Excellent food was provided
by True Blue Bar BQ, Happy Dog Hot Dog Company, and the LaPlata Fire Department
Auxiliary. They also got to hear the fine music from One Horse Town, a band that tours the area
regularly. Needless to say everyone had a fine time!
This is not the first time anyone has visited LaPlata to watch trains, but this is part of the reason
why Amy and I live here. Since the cams were upgraded last year, there have been no less than
100 visitors that have made their way to LaPlata just to watch trains and see the Amtrak station.
They have left refreshed, happy, and ready to come back again.
In this town, it may just be another train to you but in reality that is our main draw for tourism. So
just smile and enjoy that thought the next time you are at the crossing and have to wait on a

The first WB train of the event starting on Saturday morning has made its debut.
UP 2
The first EB train of the event made its debut a few hours later.
The sun stayed out and warmed up the attendees. It was train watching time. It was also neat to find out later a friend of mine was the engineer on that train. Disclaimer: The track in the photo
is not connected to any operating/live track and sits on private property. Therefore, it is OK to sit
on or near it with permission.
One Horse Town
Who would have known that the building would make a
good concert venue? “One Horse Town” sounded good and those that were there had fun.

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