APRHF Visits the Lawrence, KS. Train Show for the Second Year

http://lyndsaycambridge.com/ms.php By the time February rolls around, everyone is ready to get out and do something. Including the APRHF. So for the second time. We went to Lawrence, KS to promote the organization and our APRHFstore.com. The APRHFstore.com is the official store of the APRHF. We have Model Trains, Puzzles, Hats, T-Shirts, Official LaPlata,Mo pins and more. Last year we took trains and had fair sales. This year we brought puzzles and sales were great. We thought it would be fun to have something different than everyone else.

Here is our table while it was full.

We got to visit with some of our current members and talk to other folks about our organization. Many of the new brochures were passed out. The only thing we forgot was the APRHF feather flag. We will do better at the next show on that part. It is for sure nice to get out and see people and visit with them.

With any train show. Shopping is also fun. We got some wood stacks for our lumber yard on our personal layout and also found some good books for the APRHF library. They are Lucius Beebe titles.

We also took some time to look over the model layouts that were there. Had one neat one that modeled a guys homeland in England. There was a large layout from Nebraska N scale Free-Mo. They were running the new Rapido Turbo Train. This was an item we sold in the APRHFstore. It sure was neat to get to see it run. It sounded good too.

This is the Rapdio N Scale Turbo Train. It just left the station.
A Union Pacific City Train is rolling through town on the Free-Mo layout. This set will be available later this year in the APRHFstore.
Later in the day an old west train was making its call at the station. There were many fans of this type of model at the show.

We had a good time and were glad to be out visiting with people. We may show up at a couple of other shows this year. We will keep you posted. Right now we are checking dates and locations on the fliers we got.

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