Lookout Point Park Full Rendering and Information!!

This project has been on the APRHF.org radar for sometime. Lots of planning has gone into this and fundraising is moving along for one of the phases. As you can see below this project has four parts. The reset and upgrading of the Exhibition of Amtrak History, RV and Camping area, Retails store, Museum and Library space, and cabins. Ground breaking will be soon for the foundation of the Exhibition Of Amtrak History cars.

As you can see our rendering is complete. Brochures and a banner are being created to promote this neat project. This is of course an artist rendering and the area will more than likely not look exactly like this. The main features of the park will still be the same. 

Official “Lookout Point Park” Rendering

Lookout Point Park future features: 
1. Camping and RV area:This area is open as of now for self-contained RV’s, Campers, and tents.  It is $15.00 a night. As time moves on, there will be complete hookups available on the grounds. If you would like to come and camp with us, you may get your reservation started at our Lookout Point Park.org site.

2. APRHF Exhibition of Amtrak History: This Exhibit will be the centerpiece of the park. The cars will be refurbished and the Exhibit will be completely reset. After the main building is done this exhibit will be an extension of the Gallery, Library, and Local Railroad History museums. Ground breaking on the foundation of this exhibit will start this fall. The link to this fundraiser to help keep this project moving forward is right here. Please share this around with your friends in real life and on social media. 

3. Main Museum Building: This building will house the Silver Rails Gallery, Silver Rails Memorial Library, APRHFstore.com, and other venues not finalized yet. For those of you that are new to the organization, I will go over what each place is:
Silver Rails Gallery: This is a one-of-a-kind Railroad Art Gallery. It explores mediums including wood carvings, a model railroad, and paintings. The artist that did the rendering will have prints of his works exhibited here. 
Silver Rails Memorial Library: This library will be the host of over 500 railroad books already owned by the APRHF. There will also be timetables, consist books, and magazines available for your studies and reading. 
APRHFstore.com is our current hobby and souvenir shop in operation.
If you know of anyone that knows how to do write grants, please let us know. This Museum building is planned to be built via educational grants. For any information about grant writing and/or a program you may find, please email me at president@aprhf.org. 

4. Rental Cabins: The plan is to start with two. They will not be started until the bridge project on Brown Street has been completed next year, this is due to proximity of the construction area. In the mean time, figuring out borders and land easements are being done. The least fun but an essential part of any project. 

lookoutpointpark.org is the website to keep tabs on for immediate updates. APRHF.org will also have some of the updates. For answers to your questions or to support this project. Please email direct info@aprhf.org. Thank You.

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Carl Morrison
4 years ago

Wow, this looks like a top notch operation with great future plans. The rendering is excellent, and gives us an idea of the look of the area that you guys have envisioned for some time. I think the cabins are more practical, and possibly more economical, than rail cars. Can the cabins, and maybe museum, have electric vehicle charging spots, or are the ones at the Depot Inn available to Park visitors with or without staying there? Will the Main Museum have a large meeting room that can be rented for small periodic meetings or small conferences?

T Camp
T Camp
4 years ago

Concerning cabins, it would be great if you could get several Caboose and turn them into cabins. A state recreation in Nebraska has several of caboose for rent. .

T Camp
T Camp
4 years ago

I mentioned in a previous post about Caboose camping. Go to Nebraska Two Rivers SRA (State Recreation Area). Look at the satellite view and zoom in. You will see the caboose campers. Cool idea.

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