Swinging Them Hammers

Seroquel price Tink, Tink, Tink. What is that sound we hear? It is the sound of laying track. October 24th was the day. It was a cool day with optimism in the air. This project has been really moving since June when we got the ties laid. The track got pulled in August by Trainparty and then the rails set to be moved in September and then taken to the park in early October. Its hard to plan ahead this year. So to keep things from getting messed up, Each task had to be completed before planning the next one. That burned up a lot of extra time, but, nothing had to be rescheduled. That is where October 24th came into play. Friends from Kansas City and Sedalia collected some tools and came up to get a little track laid. 200ft of track that is. All the homework and measurements that were done on the track removal weekend sure helped make things start smoothly. We got the track bolted together in no time. Then it was time for the hard work.

Rails set. Ready to bolt together and spike. Drew Magers has been very instrumental in helping build the foundation and move things.

We decided to do one side first and then gauge off it. Swing them hammers. About ten ties in we all decided that these ties are in really good shape and decided some pre-drilling was in order. At that moment all we had was a cordless drill. It worked for a little while and got us moving in the right direction. The sounds of the work of course was heard by a few. The 360 Virtual Railfan camera at the lookout peeked in on us in between trains and the Amish vineyard workers came over to see what we were doing after they ate lunch. We offered a hammer if they wanted to drive a spike or two. “Sure!” they said and then commenced to making us look like we need to get our game together.

While we finished the first side of the rail. Amy went to get a generator and some electric drills for the other side. She reappeared just as we were finishing side one. Lunch Time!! We all stopped and had a good lunch at Dabolengo’s. That gave us time to discuss the strategy for the second set of rail to be laid. After lunch we went back to work, Got the generator and drills set up and went to work. The next few hours flew by and the track was done.

Almost done. About 50 more feet to go.
Almost there!!
Done!! Had a little fun smashing a couple of cans in the last two spikes. The tie spacing was done to close for what we were building. That is why every other tie was spiked. We have a good base for sure.

The work team that we had was:

Zach Pumphrey, Jared Childress, Dalton McAdams, Zach Rhodes, Mose, Harry, Bob and Amy Cox. A big thank you goes out to everyone that has helped us with this project from the start. We also appreciate the dinner that was bought for all of us at Colton’s by a couple cam moderators and members of the APRHF. Thank You Curt and Duane Lundgren.

Next up is the Amtrak car move. We are on the list to get things moved still this year. I hope it works out. The cars are almost ready to be moved. They are empty except for the showcases that are being sold and the removal of the HVAC and deck.

Everything is boxed up and ready for the next chapter of this unique exhibit.

For more details on the project as a whole or to help us out with a donation. Please check out these links below.


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