Lookout Point Cabin Shows Off It’s New Colors Well.

Wenchi It should be no secret that the APRHF operates a train watching cabin and deck that overlooks the BNSF Transcon. Our cabin sees many visitors that have to opportunity to sign the wall. Sadly certain folks do not take this seriously and write derogatory things on the wall in our family friendly venue. We do touch it up all the time to keep it looking good. No matter what, after a few years, it needed a repaint.

Earlier this year the Wabash Historical Society contacted us about putting a display in the lookout with route guide, logos and history of the line etc. We said sure thing, gave the size of room on the wall for their display and let them start building. In the meantime it was decided that lookout needed to be repainted later in the year in something that would compliment but not exactly match the Wabash colors.

The weekend before Thanksgiving was selected to be the one to paint the lookout. We sent out notification that the lookout and road would be closed and started the work. The entire lookout was cleaned out including the trim and wall décor. 4 days later, after everything was cleaned, the décor and furniture was put back in. A simple project but one that shows the APRHF cares for their guests and wants them to feel welcome in an inviting environment.

The Lookout Point is for railfans by railfans and its existence is what has brought about the Lookout Point Park Project on an adjacent property. For more information on this project. Please see other articles on this website.

Time to start taking things apart.
Checking the paint color. Looks great!!
Things are turning blue in a hurry.
That beautiful weather on Friday turned to a brief snowstorm on Monday as the lookout appointments were reinstalled.
The floor was shining when it was dry. Time to install the trim.
Trim installed and building is almost ready to open.
This is a photo of the first snow and first train in the first snow of the year in La Plata, MO. You call also see the mount for the Virtual Railfan 360 camera. We encourage everyone to come and visit when in town. Please also keep in mind the heater is not intended to warm the building fully when temps are below freezing. We also do not plow or maintain the road during inclement weather. So, plan or dress accordingly.

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Janice Howell
Janice Howell
3 years ago

Looks so much better! One of these days I’m going to get to visit.

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