Highball to the Lookout Point Park

Radolfzell am Bodensee Woo Hoo!! One of our Ex-MHC cars is now in its forever home on the Lookout Point Park. It was quite a project leading up to the move. We started this move on 8/17/2021 and all was good until we started to pull out on the road. Oops the turn is to tight. Who put the billboard in the way? The rear dual was bumping the frame and we did not want to tear up any equipment. Time for some re-adjustments. Fast forward to 9/9/2021. All adjustments are done and the driver had some free time. Lets do this again. Everyone was right on time and ready for the excitement. We even had a fellow APRHF member who was in town to do some visiting and trim the lookout road on hand to enjoy the move.

Myself and two workers loaded up the cribbing to haul down to the new track area. While the other part of the team inspected all connections, bindings etc. The truck was ready to pull when I left with the cribbing.

Before we knew it the truck was in sight and ready to make its back up move before it pulled into the park. All that work and the move only took 15 minutes or so. Below are some photos from start to finish. The white tractor is from the first day and the multi-colored one is from the move day.

Once these cars are set. Painting them will be next on the list. Please consider supporting this project to help us get them painted first thing next year after winter is over. https://gofund.me/9eb74443 or go to http://www.aprhf.org/join/ The donate button at the top of the page has the support options. These cars will be the centerpiece of this project and need to look sharp for all to see.

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Duane Lundgren
Duane Lundgren
2 years ago

I LOVE IT when a plan comes together!! Thanks to ALL!!!

Duane Lundgren
Duane Lundgren
2 years ago

Bob, Would it be correct to assume that a 1950s passenger rail car is about impossible to get? Certainly no surprise if one of those end-of-train cars with a platform are all long gone, but how about a middle-of-the-train car?

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