Decking the Halls at the Depot Inn

buy gabapentin online cod The displays in the Depot Inn hotel in LaPlata were long overdue for some changes. We got a crew of APRHF members together in March and started taking things apart. Each showcase has artifacts from the APRHF archive and our personal collection. Having a larger group helped to make things go smoothly. There was much to do in a short time. Glass was pulled first and then the displays taken apart to be cleaned and changed out.

John and his wife Karie are working on cleaning the items that go in the showcases.
Robert is checking out the books to be sure they are correct for the new display layout.

Each showcase has a theme to it although there is not standard set up. It is meant to be fun and enjoyable to all when they walk down the halls of the building. Who knows maybe a memory of your past will pop up while looking at the displays. It may also spark the need to get into or back into the hobby.

This first cabinet in the hall showscases Lionel and Marx trains.
This showcase has a Santa Fe conductors uniform and some neat photos of LaPlata many years ago.
This one has some safety plates and other Santa Fe memorabilia.
A quick group shot of everyone. L to R: John, Karie, Robert and Amy. I (Bob) am behind the camera.

It was a fun but busy afternoon on this day. We all had a good time making things nice for your next visit to the Depot Inn. We truly hope you enjoy the displays during your visit.

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Richard Nations
Richard Nations
2 years ago

Virgil Lindberg’s conductor uniform.

Duane Lundgren
Duane Lundgren
2 years ago

Thanks for keeping things ALIVE and viewable!!

Jennifer Martin
Jennifer Martin
2 years ago

Thank you!

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