“Together Again” The EX MHC Amtrak Cars are in their New Home

http://yookyoungyong.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://yookyoungyong.com/rh_urban_2011_weblogo_570x/ Nothing could have made any of us happier at the time in May when the second Amtrak car was brought to the park for placement with the other one on the display track. We were still happy even when it sunk in some soft ground by said display track. So what do you do when an 80,000 pound car is stuck? You leave it there, move the one on the track out of the way and start the process of setting the other car on the track. Pretty simple. It actually worked out well because the elevation change helped the car be more level with the track. That meant less jacking, cribbing and less work. The railroad days date was looming so work was done quickly to get this car set and the equipment moved out of the way for safety of our guests. We got everything cleared the Thursday night before the event. Whew!!

Everyone is getting their last minute checks done and the driver is preparing for the move down the street. I am the trailing vehicle with all the cribbing and jacks.
Fast forward a few minutes and we are on the park grounds. An Amish housemover is who did this project for us. He said these cars are much easier to move than a house or any structure.
Almost to the unload point.
And we are stuck! Right rear dolly is in the ground. Lets crib up the front end unhook the truck. It is lunchtime.
An after shot of the sink hole. It is now filled and not a bother anymore.
Setting the roller beams. These are what the car rolls on to move it to the track.
Amtrak #3 rolling by the display one evening as we were working. No doubt these cars rolled by this same area when it was a hayfield.

June 25th brought some nice weather and a few early risers to the park for Railroad Days. I asked them if they wanted to help put the cars together. All answered yes!! We moved the wheel stops to the proper place and then pushed the cars to their new home and they were “Together Again”

The future plans for this car display is to get electrical ran to them and then get them painted. The insides will also be updated and the new displays put in. Sadly this whole thing is on hold while we work on some unexpected issues with the Silver Rails Properties (landowners here and the vineyard) as they are now having second thoughts of keeping this land. We are waiting on their reply to us buying it or if they are going to continue with the land use agreement that we had already when they did not want to sell it. Your patience as the APRHF moves through this totally unexpected issue will be greatly appreciated. This park project is too good of a project for LaPlata, APRHF etc to just walk away from. In the meantime there is much to do on getting the archives sorted and other little projects done. No one is ever bored here.

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