LaPlata Amtrak Station Grand Re-Opening Event

3, 2, 1 and cut. It is official. The renovated Amtrak station is re-dedicated. Marc Magulari (Amtrak), Senator O’Laughlin, Representative Ed Lewis, Mayor Dusty Sawyer, Contractors, Caretaker Team and many others were present for this event. This event was held on 11/12/2022. This ribbon cutting is only a symbol for the many man hours or work and discussion that went into this station renovation. I titled it as ‘a gift to the community for all to be proud of’. This project came from a collective of reports on structure issues that the caretaker team and other contractors found. It was quite scary in some places to say the least. There will be a link to the slide show from this event at the end of the report. That slide show will cover the ADA and the State of Good Repair project that took place starting in 2018 with the ADA project.

The grand re-opening was a success. We had almost 100 people on hand to tour the station, watch a few trains (1:1 scale and HO scale) and look at historical photos. The station was shining from top to bottom. After all it has new windows, awnings (with stainless steel wrap), siding, bricks, guttering, and roof. The art deco theme was kept intact as the new work was done. Yes, it is beautiful.

Over 100 year old buildings usually will have issues. Much of this was caused by poor drainage over the years.

The station awnings got a complete rebuild and were set to look like the original ones. The stainless trim made it perfect.

The base structure was reapired as needed and sealed properly before the bricks and siding was installed. The new downspouts are even built like the original.

Who doesn’t like new windows? These windows have made the inside so much quieter and energy efficient. We can open them too if we want.

Here is the slideshow link that covers both of the big projects. Come and see us sometime!

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